Bartu Atar 

Year: ​2023 (Postgrad)
Position: PG 
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150 

Bio: Bartu Atar is a point guard with exceptional ball handling abilities.  He sees the floor and has the ability to make tough passes in small spaces.   Bartu is a pesky on ball defender who make it difficult for his opponent to move freely around the court.  

Bartu was born in Istanbul Turkey. He has been playing basketball for eleven years with his club team back home.  He has received many honors playing for ​Paşabahçe Club team.   including player of the week honors, multiple All Star team selections and being named MVP of his team.  

Away from basketball he likes traveling with friends, playing football, watching movies, swimming and spending time with his family.

Bartu currently lives in Istanbul with his extended family.   He lives in a big garden house with his Auntee and cousins.  He also has 3 dogs named Gümüş, Güneş, Rambo, Buffy at home which he loves more than anything.