Tasuke Suzuki 

Year: ​2023 (Postgrad)
Position: PG 
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 154 

Bio: Tasuke Suzukiis a lightining quick point guard with good ball handling abilities.  He sees the court and  finds open players for high percentage shots.  He is also a good long range shooter who also loves to attack the basket.  Tasuke is a ferocious defender playing his opponent full court 94 feet. 

He was born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. He has been playing basketball for 12 years. In high school, he was named MVP of his league and made All-Stars in multiple competitions.  

Away from the basketball, Tasuke loves spending time with friends, traveling and watching movies.

He live with my mom, dad, younger brother and dog and is very excited about his future.