Rastko Reljic 

Year: ​2024 (Junior)
Position: SF 
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 205 

Bio: Rastko Reljic is a big strong guard who is able to move fast around the court, drive, score inside and can also shoot threes. He can rebound the ball, make hustle plays and plays solid perimeter and paint defance. His passes are strong and fast and he can find open players when he has the ball. He makes an effort to rearly turn over the ball when he has it.

Rastko was born in Belgrade Serbia. He's been playing basketball for ten years now. He was a MVP for his club KK Beko back home. He was participating in many European youth basketball tournaments with his team and even winning one in 2020.

In his spare time he loves to go out with friends, watch movies and shows and play other sports he is interested in.

Rastko lives in Belgrade with his mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and sister. He has a big dog called Amor.