Jude Oyinmiene Brideba 

Year: ​2024 (Junior)
Position: PF 
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 210 

Bio: Jude Brideba is a freak of nature blessed with unlimited potentials. He is THE RIM GUARDIAN; He is an elite shot blocker and plays above the rim.  He is a two way player with a long frame which helps him to defend at a high level.  He has a high major celing and works hard.  He is young enough to improve and meet his future goals.

Jude was born in Nigeria. He has been playing basketball for four years. He has won multiple awards for his under 16 team for OBN academy. He was the youngest player to join the Elite team of OBN academy. He made All time defensive team award at the power forward position.  

Off the court, Jude is a very smart kid in school being able to replicate his drive in basketball towards his education . Not long in his stay in the States, he was nominated as Student of the month  based on his academic excellence. 

Away from basketball he loves playing video games and reading comics.

Jude is a God fearing and highly respectful young man. He acknowledges always that he is representing his family back home and should do his best to make them proud.

Jude lives in Delta State, Nigeria with his mom, dad, brother and three sisters.